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Angelwood Pictures is a production company responsible for several films and web series.

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Films/web series include:
Testing: The Series (web series drama) Season 2 premieres Friday, February 24, 2017 at 9pm ET.
The Girl in the Attic (A 14-episode web series drama) New episodes return in the Spring.
World's Worst Director (comedy web series, 2012-2013) Season 3 premieres Fall 2017.
Family Problems (web series drama, 2013-2016)
The Love Triangle (comedy short, 2015)
Lungs (web series drama, 2013-2015)
In the Bedroom (web series drama, 2014)
Red Circles (web series drama, 2011-2013)
The Women of Harry (comedy short, 2012)
THEM (short drama, 2010)
Losing Grip (short drama, 2010)
The Dreamer (web series drama, 2009)

Code 13: Unreadable (dramatic mockumentary feature) Premiere date TBA.
The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler (dramatic feature) Premieres Fall 2017.

Innocent / Guilty (test pilot web series drama)
Limbo (test pilot web series drama)

Assassins of Time (Production begins Summer 2017)
Red Circles: The Movie (dramatic feature, production begins Fall 2017)

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