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SERIES PREMIERE: Watch the new dramatic mini-series, EYES, streaming now on Amazon Prime!

SEASON TWO PREMIERE: Watch the first two Season Two episodes of Luna, The Witch! Remaining Season Two episodes to premiere July 2022 on Amazon Prime.

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Films/web series include:

EYES (dramatic mini-series) Premiered May 1, 2022 on Amazon Prime.
OUT: A Short Film (short drama)
Currently on festival circuit.
Luna, The Witch (fantasy/thriller web series) Rest of Season Two to premiere July 2022 on Amazon Prime.
A "Special" Dinner (short comedy)
Currently on festival circuit.
The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler
(5-episode mini horror/drama web series) Premiered December 30, 2020.
Testing: The Series (dramatic web series) Final season premiere date TBA.
The Girl in the Attic (16-episode mini web series drama, 2016-2018)
Family Problems (dramatic web series, 2013-2016)
Lungs (web series drama, 2013-2015)
In the Bedroom (dramatic web series, 2014)

Luna, The Wtich (fantasy/thriller web series)
Planned Release: Rest of Season Two to premiere July 2022 on Amazon Prime.

Testing: The Final Season (dramatic web series)
Planned Release: Fall 2022

Code 13: Unreadable (dramatic mini-series)
Presented in collaboration with Beantown Statie Production Company.
Planned Release: TBA. Pilot doing festival circuit.

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