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Films/web series include:
Testing: The Series (web series drama) Season 5 premieres June 13, 2020.
The Girl in the Attic (16-episode mini web series)
Family Problems (web series drama, 2013-2016)
The Love Triangle (comedy short, 2015)
Lungs (web series drama, 2013-2015)
In the Bedroom (web series drama, 2014)

OUT (short drama) (release date: March 2020)
For The Views (comedy short) (release date: April 1, 2020)
Season 5: Testing: The Series (web series drama) (release date: June 13, 2020)
Code 13: Unreadable (mini web series) (release date: Summer 2020)
Eyes (feature film) (release date: Fall 2020)
The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler (mini web series) (release date: Fall 2020)

If you have appeared in an Angelwood Pictures production and would like footage for your demo reel, or just a custom demo reel featuring all of your work, check out our footage request page.

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