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Angelwood Pictures is a production company responsible for several films and web series.

Watch two of the latest web series from Angelwood Pictures, The Girl in the Attic (Season 4 Premieres July 22, 2018) and Testing: The Series (Watch New Episodes Sundays at 10pm EST).

Check out the list of winners at the 2017 Angel Awards!

If you have appeared in an Angelwood Pictures production and would like footage for your demo reel, or just a custom demo reel featuring all of your work, check out our footage request page.

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Films/web series include:
The Girl in the Attic (A 14-episode web series drama) Season 4 premieres July 22, 2018.
Testing: The Series (web series drama) New episodes Sundays at 10pm EST.
World's Worst Director (comedy web series, 2012-2013)
Family Problems (web series drama, 2013-2016)
The Love Triangle (comedy short, 2015)
Lungs (web series drama, 2013-2015)
In the Bedroom (web series drama, 2014)
Red Circles (web series drama, 2011-2013)
The Women of Harry (comedy short, 2012)
THEM (short drama, 2010)
Losing Grip (short drama, 2010)
The Dreamer (web series drama, 2009)

Funeral (short): A short film drama about four funerals and how they are mysteriously connected.
Testing: The Final Season (Part 2)

The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler (mini-series drama) (Release Date: October 2018)

Family Problems: 5th Anniversary Episode (Release Date: June 2018)
The Girl in the Attic: Season 4 (Release Date: July 22, 2018)
Eyes (dramatic mini-series): About a retired detective with Alzheimer's who begins to second guess a suspect she and her partner put on death row when his execution is only days away (Release Date: August 2018)
Code 13: Unreadable (dramatic mini-series pilot) (Release Date: Fall 2018)