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2015 Angel Award Nominees and Winners

Thanks to everyone who came out to the 2015 Angel Awards on December 4th. It was a night of many awards, clips of future and past projects, and overall a celebration of Angelwood Pictures and its co-founder Seth Chitwood.

Missed the awards show? Watch it here!

Below is the list of nominees and winners.

The Golden Angel: Special Achievement Award
Winner: Jan Waldman

2015 James R. Zuckerman Special Achievement Award for Set Design
Winner: Mary Hronicek

Outstanding Lead Actress
Wendy Hartman as Rebecca Ellison (Family Problems: Season 3)
Ellen Levenson as Saree Dumane (Lungs: Season 4) WINNER
Theresa Chiasson as Molly Solloway (Family Problems: Season 3)
Natasha Hatalsky as Detective Christina Elliot (Family Problems: Season 4)

Outstanding Lead Actor
Peter Morse as Henry Solloway (Family Problems: Season 3)
Tony Ramos Wright as Father Jacob Hamblin (Family Problems: Season 4) WINNER
Paul Kandarian as Sherlock (Lungs: Season 3)
Sean McPherson as Jake (The Love Triangle)

Outstanding Supporting Actor
John Samela as Chief Alexander Hudson (Family Problems: Season 4)
Graham King as Hector (Lungs: Season 4) WINNER
Andrew Adler as Peter (Lungs: Season 3)
Kevin Michael Strauss (Lungs: Season 4)
Sean McPherson as Adult Connor Solloway (Family Problems: Season 3)

Outstanding Supporting Actress
Paula Dellatte as D.A. Cheryl Waller (Family Problems: Season 3) WINNER
Charlie Alejandro as Elena Maretto (Family Problems: Season 3)
Susan Waletkus as Detective Penelope Grant (Family Problems: Season 4)
Karen Ann Martino as Mother Turner (Family Problems: Season 4)
Kimberley Miller as Cleopatra (Lungs: Season 4)

Outstanding Guest Actor
Rob Floyd as Vincent Elliot (Family Problems: Season 4) WINNER
David Afflick as Husband (In The Bedroom: The Insane Wife)
Charlie Tacker as Kyle (In The Bedroom: The Snoring Future)
JP Valenti as The Jackal (Lungs: Season 4)
Richard Chandler as Nathan (Family Problems: Season 4)

Outstanding Guest Actress
Mary C. Ferrara as Larissa (Family Problems: Season 4) WINNER
Charlie Alejandro as Detective Linden (Lungs: Season 4)
Maureen Vlaco as Wife (In The Bedroom: The Anniversary)
Maria Natapov as Sarah (In The Bedroom: Web Cam Love)
Monica Saviolakis as Jane (In The Bedroom: The Insane Wife)

Outstanding Guest Writing
Audrey Noone (In the Bedroom: Out the Window)
Frank O'Donnell (In the Bedroom: The Insane Wife)
Charlie Alejandro (In the Bedroom: The Anniversary) WINNER
Mike Messier (In the Bedroom: Marriage is Bliss)

Outstanding Guest Directing
Chris Esper (In the Bedroom: Out the Window) WINNER
JR Hepburn (In the Bedroom: Web Cam Love)
Christopher Harting (In the Bedroom: The Sound)
Cate Carson (In the Bedroom: Magnetic Attraction)

Outstanding Performance by a Day Player
The following nominees receive recognition for appearing in a smaller featured role that appeared in a few scenes or episode, but did not fit our Guest Nomination Category.

Jeanne Lohnes as Medical Examiner (Family Problems: Season 3)
Zele Abradopoulos as Sandra (Family Problems: Season 4)
Michael Maggiani as Officer Lawrence (Family Problems: Season 3)
Wendy Hartman as Hope Highfield (Lungs: Season 3) WINNER
Lisa Jaye as Poverty (Lungs: Season 4)
Herb Fuchs as Harold (Family Problems: Season 4)
Jane D. Benjamin as Rose Hunt (Family Problems: Season 3)

Outstanding Performance by a Featured Background Performer
Eight judges were asked who stands out in a positive way in the background in a selected set of episodes featuring 45 background actors. The following nominees were selected and receive recognition for their outstanding performance in the background.

Louisa Lamarre (Family Problems: Season 4)
Marty Smith (Lungs: Season 4) WINNER
Cynthia Claudio (Family Problems: Season 3)
Wendi Elle Flanders (Family Problems: Season 4)
Mary Jane Brennan Sangiolo (Family Problems: Season 3)
Cesar Chanlatte as Jogger (Family Problems: Season 3)