Seth Chitwood Seth Chitwood (Angelwood PIctures Co-Founder)
Seth Chitwood is the creative director of the production company, Angelwood Pictures. He is the creator and director of ten web series, most notably the award-winning Family Problems, The Girl in the Attic, Testing: The Series, Lungs, and In the Bedroom. He has produced over 200 web series episodes. He is the recipient of eleven LA Web Series Festival awards for writing, producing, and directing. He also received the 2016 'Rising Star' Award from Imagine Magazine. He is a Rhode Island College graduate with a double major in Film Studies and Theater Performance. See all of Seth's current projects here.

Seth is also a recent graduate of the American Film Institute Conservatory Program. He is a ’20 Screenwriting Fellow.

Jan Waldman Jan Waldman (Head of Casting)
Jan started her acting career at the age of 51; and in her first three years completed over sixty film projects, including twenty commercials. She is best known for her recurring appearances in the Emmy Award-winning TV show The Folklorist (NewTV), and most recently in the role of Mrs. Worrall in Princess Caraboo. She has her own TV show, Entertainment Plus with Jan Waldman, at SATV in Salem, MA. She is both host and producer of the show, which highlights topics of interest around New England.

Seng Varipath Seng Varipath (Cinematographer)
Seng Varipath, also known as seng2kx, is a cinematographer based out of the Lowell/Boston, MA area. He is the cinematographer for Testing: The Series, Code 13: Unreadable, Harper's First Kiss, and Season One of Luna, The Witch. He has been in the film industry for over 10 years and has traveled the country working on projects from Boston to LA; working with artists like Lindsey Stirling, Echosmith, and Jeffrey Eli Miller; and companies such as Microsoft, SureFire Creative Studios, New Hitz, FanRave, UniFirst, the Varano Group, Student Universe, Roman Media Inc., and Beantown Statie Production Company. As a cinematographer he is in charge of capturing the best possible images on camera regardless of the budget or time allowed. From music videos to television commercials, web series, and movie shorts, seng2kx is a diverse DP who simply gets the job done no matter what.

Mary C. Ferrara Mary C. Ferrara (Webmaster of Angelwood Pictures' Websites)
Based out of the Boston area, Mary began both acting and web development in the late '90s. Besides being the webmaster for Angelwood Pictures she has appeared in four of their web series, Red Circles (Gloria Jackson), World's Worst Director (Katie), Family Problems (Larissa), Testing: The Series (Nurse Wildflower), and the short film The Women of Harry (Woman #14 / Woman #38). She has also appeared in several other web series, films, and plays. She is also a filmmaker; she founded Call it a Whim Productions in 2018 and so far has produced four film projects.

Haley Pine Haley Pine (Creative Consultant)
Haley Pine is an actress, writer, and award-winning filmmaker that was born and raised in Rhode Island. She has been involved in several Angelwood Pictures productions, in front and behind the camera. Most notably, writing and directing the multi-award winning short film, Harper's First Kiss. In 2012, Haley began having an interest in film and has been cast in lead, supporting, and background roles. In her younger years, she worked as a television co-host for RI PBS' Teenage Critic, where she learned how to operate the camera as well as edit segments. When she is not acting, she volunteers her time behind the scenes helping out as a script supervisor and production assistant for local films. Haley continues to train extensively in the performing arts and is currently enrolled in a BFA program (NYU Tisch, Meisner Studio).

Anny Din Anny Din (Consulting Associate Producer)
Anny (ah-knee) Din is a Lowell, MA native that loves to produce. She has a background in digital filmmaking and has been producing many different types of projects since 2014. Her experience covers a wide variety, including commercials, upfronts, short films, music videos, web series, and animations. She is the associate producer for Testing: The Series and is simultaneously working as the associate producer for Viewpoint Creative and Dog Ear Sound in Newton, MA. Anny brings organization and positivity to the production which makes her an amazing asset to the team.

Acei Martin Acei Martin (Production Coordinator / Actor Advocate)
Acei was raised in NY and moved to Boston, where she is currently based, after graduating from Manhattanville College in 2012 at 20 years old; she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance/Theatre and Business Management. She is the production coordinator and actor advocate on set for Testing: The Series. She also plays Nurse Sugarplum in the series. In addition to Testing, Acei has also worked as crew on a number of other productions. She was a production assistant on Grace, Wheelman, and Shades of Shay. Her other past crew roles include being a stand-in and stunt double for India Eisley in Altar Rock. She has also been a stand-in for Debby Ryan on Grace and for Caitlin Carmichael on Wheelman. Acei Martin is also an actress, having appeared in over fifty projects.