Angelwood PIctures
Testing: The Series Code 13: Unreadable The Resurrection fo Victoria Wheeler The Love Triangle Family Problems Lungs In the Bedroom World's Worst Director The Dreamer Them Losing Grip The Women of Harry The Girl in the Attic

Web series

Testing: The Series
Dramatic web series. Season 3 premieres May 16, 2018.
The Girl in the Attic
A dramatic 14-episode web series. Latest Season (Season 3) premiered January 14, 2018.
World's Worst Director
Comedy web series that aired two seasons from March 26, 2012 to July 28, 2013.

Code 13: Unreadable
Dramatic mockumentary mini-series. Premieres in 2018.
The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler
Dramatic mini-series, premieres summer 2018.