Angelwood Pictures
A 'Special' Dinner Luna, The Witch The Little Star OUT: A Short Film For the Views Testing: Unit 4 Harper\'s First Kiss Testing: The Series The Girl in the Attic Eyes The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler Family Problems The House Sitter Lungs In the Bedroom World's Worst Director The Dreamer The Women of Harry

Short Films

A 'Special' Dinner
Comedy Short. Currently on festival circuit.
For The Views
Comedy Short. Premieres Spring 2021.
OUT: A Short Film
Short Drama. Premieres Summer 2021.

Web Series

Luna, The Witch
Fantasy/thriller web series. Season Two Premieres October 30, 2021.
Testing: The Series
Dramatic web series. Fifth and Final season premiere date TBA.
Code 13: Unreadable
Dramatic mockumentary mini-series. Premiere date TBA. Pilot doing festival run.

Feature Films

Dramatic feature film. Premieres Late 2021.