Dramatic Mini-Series
Presented in collaboration with Shoot the Moon Films.
Premiered May 1, 2022 on Amazon Prime

Screenplay By Seth Chitwood
Directed By Seth Chitwood & Curtis Reid
Additional Direction By Maureen Vlaco
Cinematography By Jeffrey Buchbinder
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Tony Ramos Wright as Davis
Pamela Jayne Morgan as Clarissa
Stephanie Eaton as Hilary
David S. Hopcroft as Gary
Curtis Reid as Ben
Teresa Spaulding as Vicky
Maureen Vlaco as Rita

Ulisses Gonsalves as Ronnie
Rob Floyd as Charles Ender
Joel-Michael Martin as Jamie
Ulisses Gonsalves as Ronald
Frank Czarnowski as A.D.A Billson
Arissa Page as Gretchen
Brendan Lynch as Peter
Vernon Aldershoff as Dr. Frank Hill
Sharon Starr as Lila
Jared Contrada as Maxwell
Anthony Gaudette as Derek
Karen Ann Martino as Helen Enders
Wayne Trembly as William Enders
John Samela as Detective Morrison
Connor Holden as Sean
Mark Haggett as Mark
Jack Kenney as Liam
Morgan Pine as Young Hilary
Christie Devine as Young Rita
Logan Raposo as Paul