The Girl in the Attic
Written & Directed By Seth Chitwood
Executive Produced By Charlie Alejandro
Cinematography By Evan Schneider
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About | Cast Press/Awards

Won Best Web Series.
Nominated for four awards: Outstanding Directing (Seth Chitwood), Outstanding Cinematography (Evan Schneider), Outstanding Score (Neil Cross, Tilmann Siescu), and Outstanding Editing (Seth Chitwood).
Official Selection.
Official Selection.
Official Selection.
Won four awards: Outstanding Guest Actress (Pamela Jayne Morgan as Dr. Carson), Outstanding Cinematography (Evan Schneider), Outstanding Youth Performer (Avery Hatch as Lizzie), and Outstanding Original Song ("Turn You In" By Deena Jill Shoshkes & Jonathan Fried).
Won Outstanding Ensemble (Tanja Melendez Lynch, David Afflick, Alexa Hartman, Kathryn Shasha, Karen Ann Martino, Jonathan Sartell, Marty Smith, Pamela Jayne Morgan, Rosemary Pacheco, Avery Hatch, and Paul Taft).