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In The Bedroom - the web series

Seth Chitwood | Carlyne Fournier | Curtis Reid | Creussa Michelazzo | Chris Esper | Andrew Adler | Stephanie Castaños
Jr Hepburn | Rosemary Pacheco

Seth Chitwood Seth Chitwood (Creator)
Direction, web series: Lungs (Creator, Winner of four LA Web Fest Awards), Family Problems (Creator, Winner of eight LAWEBFEST Awards), Red Circles (Creator, Winner of eight LA Web Fest Awards), World's Worst Director (Creator, Lead, Official Selection of the 2013 LA Web Fest), The Dreamer (creator). Direction, film: THEM, Spidered, Stress 101 (RIIFF honor, LCFF award). Theatre: Oliver Twist (vocal coach), A Cold Day In Hell, Going to School (BDF Outstanding Director), The Katrina Project (BDF Outstanding Director), Fairy Frog. See all of Seth's current projects here. Twitter: @Moses4321.

Carlyne Fournier Carlyne Fournier
A New England-based producer and bilingual actress who loves what she does. Born and raised on the outskirts of Montreal, Carlyne has had a passion for film since she was eight years old - already attending double feature presentations at local cinemas by herself. Some of her recent & notable projects as a producer include: Take my Keys, a powerful music video that promotes anti-teen drunk driving - and recipient of the 2013 "Video of the Year" award in the eTalent showcase music video contest; Theory of Conflict, a film on racial & ethnicity clashes amongst college students; Watched, a short artistic & twisted thriller; and In the Bedroom, an ingenious web series bringing together a multitude of talented New England film people. But as a producer, Carlyne's true passion lies with films that shed light on a variety of social Issues. She wishes to combine her creative craft with powerful media, to help provoke social change and bring about global awareness on issues close to her heart. As such, she is looking forward to 2014 to producing Silence, a feature film exploring the tremendous impact of texting & social media on our lives. Twitter: @Carlynef.

Curtis Reid Curtis Reid
Curtis is a relatively new actor on the film scene in New England, and has recently stepped behind the camera to serve as a Producer on several local projects. Curtis' enthusiasm and passion for film has provided him with numerous opportunities. Since moving to Boston in late 2012, Curtis has been involved with over 30 productions including, web series, feature films, short films, commercials, and industrials. It was only a few months ago that Curtis stepped behind the camera and started working as a producer. With a year of acting behind him, Curtis saw the value in organizing and planning projects, while continuing to expand his credits as an actor. Involving local talent, communicating with other filmmakers, and watching a script transform onto the screen has been a pleasure for Curtis to watch, both as an Actor and Producer. A few of his recent credits include projects like, The Cold Read , a comedic web series about actors in New England, The Trespasser , a feature film shot in Connecticut (and currently in post–production), and an upcoming short film called, Cause and Effect . He loves to work with other creative filmmakers and especially enjoys the entrepreneurial aspects of the New England film industry. He hopes that people will enjoy his work as an actor, the projects he produces, and especially, In the Bedroom – which will be an incredible opportunity working with so many talented filmmakers. Twitter: @Curtis_Actor.

Creussa Michelazzo Creussa Michelazzo
Creussa is the CEO and co–founder of Macremi Inc., a full service media, community development, and public relations company. Michelazzo is a producer, reporter and community leader in New England. She stepped into the entertainment industry when working as an On–Air Correspondent for Telemundo, CNN en Español, Rede Globo Brasil, and Mundo Fox. As part of the associated press, Michelazzo has also received the opportunity to be a celebrity reporter for prestigious Red Carpet events in New York and Los Angeles. Michelazzo is involved in and committed to serve the community of Rhode Island. Her hard work has led her to be named co–chair of the Univocal Legislative Minority Advisory Coalition (ULMAC) and as the Communications Chair at New Leaders Council Rhode Island (NLC). In 2012, Michelazzo won the "Progreso For Small Business" award, and was nominated for the Women's Leadership Forum "100 Women We Admire" award. Michelazzo has helped with the development of numerous TV shows and independent productions. She wishes to continue to work and learn with many of the talented filmmakers in the area. Twitter: @Macrami.

Chris Esper Chris Esper
Chris Esper is a director based out of Attleboro, MA. Originally from New Jersey, Chris developed a passion and love for film at a very young age. When he was in his teens, he received his first camera and started experimenting with it. After high school, he attended New England Institute of Technology in East Greenwich, RI where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Digital Recording Arts. He has since directed several short films including, Still Life , a personal story about what it means to be an artist. The film has gone on to receive critical acclaim, worldwide distribution, accepted and screened at New Filmmaker's New York Film Festival and won the "Best Film Editing" award at the 2013 Motif Theater and Film Awards. Aside from short films, he has also directed music videos, corporate videos and has also worked on other New England productions in the camera and editing department; all the while building a name for himself in the process. With several projects on the horizon, including Please Punish Me and a feature film, Chris continues to work closer to his dreams. Outstanding Guest Director for Out the Window (Angel Awards, 2015). Twitter: @Chris_Esper.

Andrew Adler Andrew Adler
Having studied communications and theater in college, he has focused most of his film efforts as an actor in front of the camera. Recently, he broadened his horizons behind the scenes as executive producer and cofounder of Vendetta Motion Pictures. Twitter: @AndrewAdler1.

Stephanie Castaños Stephanie Castaños
Stephanie is the creative producer and co–founder of Macremi Inc., a full service media, community development, and public relations company. Castaños is an artist, filmmaker and youth advocate. She began her career in the entertainment industry with Spanish–speaking network, Telemundo . She assisted with commercials, voice overs, and hosted numerous events. Castaños also worked as a morning radio host, which featured weekly celebrity interviews. Her artwork has been featured in various college galleries and exhibitions. In 2012, her personality and passion for the community gave her an opportunity to tour the country with, the Nation's largest youth smoking prevention Campaign. The tour was featured in news segments, comic–cons, and numerous TV shows, including Sci–Fy's hit show, Face–Off . Castaños was also chosen as the Spanish spokesperson for Earth Day in Washington D.C. She provided information to nationwide Spanish TV & radio. She is excited to be part of numerous community and film projects, including the upcoming web series, In The Bedroom . Twitter: @SCastanos_.

Jr Hepburn Jr Hepburn
Director and writer: Jr Hepburn is a Moviehead! Also known as a lover of action films. Among the new generation of auteurs in the 21st Century, Hepburn has extensive passion for strong storytelling within the genre of action. Also he is the founder of Vendetta Motion Pictures, an Indie film production company. In 2013, he produced and directed Killing Khan – an espionage thriller. Soon Jr begins directing the new film – Blue Suede – in early 2014. Jr Hepburn, a New England Institute of Art alumnus, is a strong believer in "STORY MATTERS, Action is incidental."

Rosemary Pacheco Rosemary Pacheco
Rosemary Pacheco is an actress, and writer on the local indie film scene in New England. Her column, "Scene and Heard," is a compilation of film news for Motif Magazine in Rhode Island; and runs weekly, She is currently writing her first feature articles for Imagine Magazine in Boston. She is based in Rhode Island, and is also the co–host of the Motif TV show called Take Two with Nick Iandolo. In addition, she is filming her first feature, Raz Cunningham's mockumentary, Special Feature; and appears in the final season of the web series Red Circles , created by Seth Chitwood. She is also in pre–production on a second feature film called One with DiBacco Films. She is very proud to be collaborating on New England's new web series In the Bedroom with creator Seth Chitwood, as well as with his distinguished board members. Twitter: @DanielRoseSilks.