Luna, The Witch
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This fantasy/thriller digital series from Angelwood Pictures is about an innocent young witch named Luna. In Season One, Luna botches a love potion that she uses on the boy she likes. She then must turn to her mother and her great-great-great grandmother for guidance to repair the damage.

Now in Season Two, where more magical adventures and dangers await Luna!
Alexa Hartman and Wendy Hartman


Watch the Series Pilot and the First Two Episodes of Season Two! All of Season One on Amazon Prime; all of Season Two to be Released in July 2022 on Amazon Prime.
Alexa Hartman and Avery Hatch

Cast & Crew

Meet the Talented Cast and Creative Teams for Seasons One and Two. Introducing Season Two's Avery Hatch!
Charlie Tacker

Latest News

Luna, The Witch Wins Best Web Series and Best Actress (Alexa Hartman) at the 2021 White Unicorn International Film Festival!