Luna, The Witch

"Luna‘s greatest power comes not from its fabulous display of supernatural witchery but from its tributes to the strength shared by a loving family and the can-do attitude of women amid even the most extraordinary crises.”
- Chris Hadley, The Snobby Robot

"What I like about the storyline is that it includes fantasy along with modern-day issues typical of what some teens experience."
- Maica N., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

"My imagination is thoroughly captured."
- Carol Patton, Imagine Magazine

Season One

Season Two

Luna, The Witch
Seasons One and Two available to watch on Amazon Prime.

Watch Luna, The Witch on Amazon Prime
This fantasy/thriller digital series from Angelwood Pictures is about an innocent young witch named Luna. In Season One, Luna botches a love potion that she uses on the boy she likes. She then must turn to her mother and her great-great-great grandmother for guidance to repair the damage.

Now in Season Two, where more magical adventures and dangers await Luna!