The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler
Five-Episode Mini Horror/Drama Web Series
Premiered December 30, 2020.

Series Created By Seth Chitwood
Directed By Seth Chitwood
Produced By Gia Dill, Glenn Dill & Wendy Hartman
Cinematography By Paul Anthony Speziale
Series Makeup By Desiree Carpenter
Production Manager: Allison Bush
Sound By Haroon Wahid & Dov Kling-Levine
Costume Design By Seneeca Wilson
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About Cast

The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler: Chapter One is a mini web series that follows Arnold Madison (David Afflick) and his family as they search for their kidnapped son. They believe he has been taken by the same man that murdered Arnold's first wife, Victoria (Sheri Lee). After searching for almost two weeks, they are about to lose all hope when they receive assistance from an unexpected visitor.

The series was originally a feature film that was redeveloped and refilmed as a mini-series event. The film starred David Afflick, Wendy Hartman, Maria Natapov, Gia Dill, and Mary Fleming.

Watch the teaser: