Thought you knew insane? World's Worst Director--a mockumentary web series about an insane director named Moses and the craziness that surrounds him and his assistants and actors.

Those people I work with.
Footage of ME...and extra crap.
The portfolio of my nightmare.
ALL about me (well it should be).
My DESERVED attention.
Well mine are...OH NEVERMIND.
There's no place like mine.
We Love Soaps LA Web Series Festival
The Sun Chronicle

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We Love Soaps:
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Motif Magazine's 2013 Theater and Film Awards:
Motif Magazine nominated Mary C. Ferrara (Katie) for Best Actress in its 2013 Theater and Film Awards poll.
LA Web Series Festival:
World's Worst Director is an official selection of the 2013 LA Web Fest!
The Sun Chronicle (Attleboro, MA):
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