Thought you knew insane? World's Worst Director--a mockumentary web series about an insane director named Moses and the craziness that surrounds him and his assistants and actors.

Those people I work with.
Footage of ME...and extra crap.
The portfolio of my nightmare.
ALL about me (well it should be).
My DESERVED attention.
Well mine are...OH NEVERMIND.
There's no place like mine.

A little behind on all that's Moses and his 'people'? Watch all of the episodes here!

World's Worst Director is a mockumentary following the infamous crazy director, Moses, as he works on his newest web series.

Moses is known for his freakouts, but can you blame him? Everything seems to be going wrong! With dramatic diva actors, budget problems, mysterious sabotages, and insane crew members, Moses (Seth Chitwood) tries to keep himself together even though he is on the brink of a nervous breakdown; even with the help of his two assistants, Katie (Mary C. Ferrara) and Rachael (Jenna McGowan) who try to keep him grounded. Now, Moses must deal with the return of his rival, Penny (Erica Derrickson), who has launched a bet between them for who is the best web series director.

The series also stars; Mary Paolino (Sharon), Paul Kandarian (Mason), Kia Holiday (Cherri), Jennifer Walsh (Jennifer), Curtis Reid (Connor), Frank O'Donnell (Jack), and Audrey Noone (Millie).

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