Thought you knew insane? World's Worst Director--a mockumentary web series about an insane director named Moses and the craziness that surrounds him and his assistants and actors.

Those people I work with.
Footage of ME...and extra crap.
The portfolio of my nightmare.
ALL about me (well it should be).
My DESERVED attention.
Well mine are...OH NEVERMIND.
There's no place like mine.
About the characters

Seth Chitwood as Moses Moses - Creator/Director
Age: Unknown

Moses found his interest in filmmaking when he would help out his father, an animal documentary film director, out in the field. At the young age of 12, Moses would take his small camcorder and follow squirrels around the park. That's where he met Penny, a nature geek who always wanted to create a film about her favorite tree. They both established MoePenny Productions and created their first film: Leaf Me Be. From there, they both worked on a few films together until Moses started working solo on a few web series projects. Aside from the acting, Moses directs, writes, films, produces, and edits ALL of his projects. Some films include; Hold the Phone, Stopless, Waiting for Nothing, Devil's Girl, and Death Wish. Moses is also the recipient of several awards, including being a five-time consecutive FilmRI web series award winner for "Outstanding Director of a Drama." Moses never sleeps, which probably has something to do with his craziness. Compared to Hitler and Satan, and called the "King of Darkness” on several occasions, it's not an exaggeration when people say that "mean” is Moses' middle name...and he doesn't deny it. Although no one really knows exactly what made Moses the way he is, when he once asked by a reporter why he is so horrible he responded: "Why is the sky blue?” However, looking past the grumpiness and tantrums, his excellence in film makes him a local celebrity! Everyone who meets him despises him, but all agree that he'll be as big as Spielberg. Errr...ugh.

Mary Ferrara as Katie Arbrook Katie Arbrook - Assistant to Moses
Age: Shut up

Katie decided to become a writer after being viciously attacked by a bunny in veterinary school. After huddling in a the corner of her basement for two full weeks without saying a word, her therapist encouraged her to write down her feelings. Her notebook became filled with a lot of angst, self-loathing, regret, and melodrama, hence no wonder that the stars aligned and a few years later: she met Moses. But it's not all sad and knuckle-crunching angst in Katie's life, in her off-time she runs the Donnie Walhlberg fan club, where each week the members meet and show new objects related to Donnie. Katie hit the jackpot (April 11, 2010 to be exact) when she found via the friend of her Uncle who dated Donne's second cousin a piece of the rug Donnie set on fire in the early '90s. Katie wrote a short story inspired by this called "How a 'berg inflamed the fibers of my inner fruit." She also enjoys watching Basketball, kitties, and running around in various neighborhoods.

Erica Derrickson as Penny James Penny James - Web Series Creator
Age: Oh darling, if age was measured in brilliance I'd be ions old.

Penny is the co-founder of Moses' production company Moe-Penny Productions. She met Moses when they were both freshmen in high school. Moses was in the library looking for the book, Spielberg Before Aliens, when he accidentally pushed a few books too far, knocking them into the other aisle and hitting Penny. Luckily, she was not hurt and they laughed about it. Moses then noticed she had a pile of film books, thus, their friendship began. They were almost inseparable, always working on films and web series projects together. Some of their films include: Horrible Lunch Lady Mame, Great Goodness Peter, Howdy Doodie Cup, Sing It Again, Stand Off, and Forget Her Tomorrow. However, three years ago Penny and Moses had a horrible fight (the fight is still a big mystery), which resulted in Penny leaving to go to Hollywood to pursue her career. In her first year, she wrote a pilot called Mystery Minds, which was picked up by the network CBA. It is now the #3 drama on television.

Jenna McGowan as Rachael Rachael Simpson - Assistant to Moses
Age: Sweet 25

Rachael didn't know where her life was going! After graduating from college with a major in Philosophy, she soon realized there weren't many job openings for philosophers. So she went to her favorite thinking tree in the park and philosophized on what she should do with her life. "What am I good at?”, Rachael thought to herself, "Hmmm, I like to boss people around.” This is true, for in high school she received the superlative for "Most Likely to be a Bitchy Boss” award. However, she didn't just want to be a "boss", she wanted "total domination." But to get there you have to start at the bottom of the ladder. So she thought about what she would be good at. She then stumbled on a poster at her local butcher shop for the web series, THEM. At that moment, Rachael knew where her life was going.

Kia Holiday as Cherri Cherri - Costume lady
Age: 26

Cherri is the founder of the popular cosmetics branch, "Cherri's Cosmetics;" which is big all over Rhode Island. Everything that has happened to Cherri was based on tons of luck and much seduction. To say that Cherri didn't put out to climb to the top of the cosmetics business world would be an understatement. True to her name, Cherri's been "cherry-less" since the age of thirteen. In fact, it's rumored that Cherri has slept with over 150 men since! From businessmen, lawyers, sales representatives, assistants; married or unmarried, everyone has received a piece of this Cherri Pie. However, Cherri's mentioned in several interviews (including to her 16,000 twitter followers): "Why not use what you got to go big...?" Whatever that means? Cherri gets what she wants, when and how she wants it. You cannot back down to Cherri or her demands. She is very persuasive. Cherri raked in a large amount of money last year in sales. However, this year, Cherri has begun to see a decrease in her business. It may have to do with the fact that earlier this year, Cherri made a big life change; deciding to play for the "other team" (If you get what I mean?). OR it could've been her decision to purchase a giant $200,000 pink "C" to display in Providence Park. Whatever the reason, Cherri has not yet accepted defeat and now has joined Moses in order to make a giant comeback by working costumes for his web series. In any event, the world hasn't yet seen the last of Cherri…...

Mary Paolino as Sharon Sharon - Actress
Age: Eternally 29

Sharon can't remember a time she didn't want to act, why in school she would read aloud the lunch menu to her home room class every morning, channeling the heartfelt energy of a Natalie Wood (so excited was she whenever they had fried chicken, she'd burst out singing "I feel Chicky" West Side Story-style) much to the nuns' dismay. After so many ruler smacks she decided to leave school and venture to the city that all actors dream about: Bismark, North Dakota. It was here that she had her breakthrough performance as Chichi in "You, my baby!" at the Theatre for Little Wanderers. After years of community, and even small-towny, theater, she moved back to the east coast; and lit up like a star in the distant night when she saw the audition call for Moses' new show on the paper place mat at Old County Buffet. Moses is just like a son to that she thankfully never had.

Paul Kandarian as Mason Anderson Mason Anderson - Actor
Age: Irrelevant when it comes to the ladies

Mason became a part-time actor after realizing he wasn't very good at full-time much else. However, the reasonably attractive and somewhat charming middle-aged man discovered he had certain manipulative powers that would come in handy for acting, not to mention door-to-door ShamWOW sales, being a WalMart greeter, running for high-level political office such as sealers of weights and measures, and evangelical fundraising, all of which Mason failed miserably at, except the latter, where, following tent-revival meetings, he enjoyed a certain amount of briefly satisfying prurient success with some of the more easily influenced, and typically inebriated, female members of his flock. Mason auditioned for Moses with a hidden agenda that he cannot talk about nor write his bio ends here.

Corey Arruda as Poppy MacGuire Poppy MacGuire - Actress
Age: Ahem

Poppy MacGuire is the most famous actress to ever work with Moses. She worked on a project with him called Forget Her Tomorrow where she played a woman who had to keep reminding her husband she was married to him because of his inoperable tumor. Back then, Poppy was just some high school student who thought acting was some hobby, up there with reading Twilight and getting drunk every Saturday night. However, she eventually took her role seriously (really) and actually decided to pursue an acting career when she finished with Moses. Even though Moses was convinced that her dreams of grandeur and fame would come crashing down on her; "She has not a shot in hell,” he once told someone; he was shocked like everyone else when she attended her first audition and landed a role on a successful CBA television series called North Dakota Cowboy Police; as the girlfriend of the lead detective, Thomas Andrews. Poppy is now a B-List Star, but she always remembers Moses; although she has never admitted it publicly, she writes in her diary how much she owes him for getting her to where she is today.

Kristen Sargent Gorman as Carrie Lions Carrie Lions - Assistant to Moses
Age: 28

After graduating with a Communications degree from Pace University in New York City, Carrie returned to her hometown of Newport, Rhode Island hoping to find any kind of work. After going on an extensive 3-month job search, Carrie was only left with a part-time job at Target or a full-time job at Burger King. Angry by the outcome, especially having a four-year college degree with a 3.82 average, Carrie could not accept defeat. She would NEVER utter the words; "Would you like to try a value meal?". Thus, she took to Craigslist in hopes to find anything in her field. After spending a month interviewing and following up on posts, she came to one realization: anyone who posts on this site is CRAZY. However, Carrie felt hopeful when she saw the post "Seeking Interested Assistant." Carrie arrived on Moses' set only to confirm her theory to never resort to Craigslist for a job better than Burger King. However, through the craziness she's been engulfed in since, she's stayed with Moses because of its strange appeal; and hopes to build her resume for future projects in the film and communications world...and that she never has to say: "Do you want fries with that?".

Sophie Kreyssig as Maggie Fay, Camera Woman Maggie Fey - Camera Woman
Age: 22
Occupation: Student

Currently studying Film/Animation/Video at RISD. Decided to create a documentary regarding the creative process of a web-series as her final project. Secretly, Moses' father has been her inspiration to pursue documentation. Relocated to RI from Sacramento, CA, and doesn't particularly enjoy the East Coast. The water just isn't as blue. After graduation, her biggest dream is to make a cross-country documentary as she road trips back home, capturing one's struggle to survive in a car on only $15 a day. She also likes sweaters and warm hats.

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